About Me

About Me

« Probably I will never turn into a professional artist and I will not be famous, but I don’t care. Music creation is passion, feelings, freedom. This is and will be my inspiration. »

I am one of those persons that really love Trance music. Especially the years between 1998 and 2001 have been the best in terms of variety and creativity. That time a lot of great new vinyl records came out every week and it was impossible to buy all of them.

Then, after 2003 Trance changed giving the possibility to a lot of newcomers to produce more tracks with virtual synthesizers software. Also the sounds evolved into a more modern style. However, today only a few artists make music for passion and are able to give emotions.

Thank you to all people who still keeps Trance music alive.


I am an amateur producer and past Trance DJ from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. I live in Vezia (small village near Lugano). In 1996 I decided to buy my first two turntables and a mixer just to make some sound experiments. Times became more serious in 1999, when I bought a new mixer and two Technics SL-1210MK2 decks. My fist party was in the beginning of the year 2000 in front of 750 people. I was quite agitated during my first performance and two months later I span in another party with a better feeling. During the event the art director of the biggest local club contacted me, but I couldn’t start mixing there that time because I was still under-age (17 years old).

When I turned to 18 I began to play at that club (Alcatraz Club in Riazzino). It was great. I had the opportunity to know big artists like DuMonde, Cosmic Gate, Flutlicht and many other big artists.

I’ve spun later also in two big gigs, one with Mauro Picotto as special guest.

Unfortunately Alcatraz Club closed in the year 2002. After that date I played only at local small events. In November 2003 a Trance set mixed by me has been broadcasted on beatFM radio in Belgium.

At the end of the year 2005 IDK, a friend of mine from Germany, invited me in Saarbrücken to play as special guest from 2 to 6 a.m. in a local club. It was the first time I had a date abroad and I was very excited about that. It was a great event.


My passion for Trance music was not limited to listening. In the year 2000 I started to produce some basic tracks with Rebirth (famous software from Propellerheads). It was a good and cheap solution for beginners and I tried to take the best from it. When I was in the intention to upgrade to Reason 1.0.1 I made my last track in Rebirth called “Looking for a Reason”.

I used Reason for almost one year and my last tune made 100% with that software was called “Endless galaxy”. With that tune I participated to the Trance.nu producing competition in march 2003, unfortunately without success since I still had a lot to learn. “Hearts explosion” was the first track in collaboration with Roby-Sky’s voice and it has been released by a little promotional record label in Holland (printed on CD). Anyway these tracks were still not perfect with a poor sound quality.

That time I decided to change my setup by buying some hardware devices. Reason sounds were, in my opinion and that time, not real enough for the quality I wanted to achieve. After working during the summer I had enough money to buy basic equipment for building a small studio. I was really intended to try to improve the quality of my productions during the following years.

I’ve always had the goal to achieve a professional quality in my productions, which maybe has arrived only in the last tracks.

I think that my tracks will always include some style that distinguished the second generation of Trance in the greatest times.

Music is passion and should always remain a feelings expression.

Rocco Robbiani