Lapsus Traxx – Come in Trance
Lapsus Traxx - Come in Trance



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Personal comment:

Since this is one of my favourites tracks I decided to rebalance it and to redo the mastering in 2021. The original recording was too much muddy due to an abuse of reverb and I tried to clean up it. I also focused more on the attack of the kick by bringing it more punchy.

After two years of stand-by I am happy to present you a track, which mixdown has been finally recorded on 11.11.2011! I have always had this main melody running in my mind and I am really satisfied of the final result. Maybe among all my productions this is the one that I like at most so far. It was very difficult to combine the melody with another one and in the end I decided to complete everything by adding some additional strings. The piano notes in the break were quite difficult to manage for me and this step took me some hours of work. The final result is an old school feeling track that I hope you’ll like 😉

Contact me if you are interesting in having the Full version mp3.